28 JUN 2017 | New YouTube Channel!

Visit Dimitris new official Youtube channel and discover many new and interesting videos! | YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK
Poland poster 8/5/2017

8 MAY 2017 | "Poland"

Tribute recital to Polish composers with works for piano (solo) & flute. Iwona Glinka, flute & Dimitris Anousis, piano. Works of Frédéric Chopin, Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski, Stanilsaw Moniuszko, Grzegorz Kątski. Τhe recital will be followed by a small reception. Monday May 8th, 2017, 20:30 - Entrance €10,00 - AN ART ARTISTRY (Monis Asteriou 4, Athens)
7 APR 2017

7 APR 2017 | Polish music

Tribute dedicated to Polish philhellenes | Friday, April 7, 2017, at 18:30 | Trikoupeio cultural center, Messolongi - Greece | Greetings from the Ambassador of Poland in Greece and the mayor of Messolongi | Dimitris Anousis, piano | Iwona Glinka, flute | Works for solo piano and flute and piano, Chopin, Dobrzynski, Moniuszko, Kątski.

27 MAR 2017 | New video: Madredeus - "O Pastor" for piano 4 hands

Madredeus - O Pastor for piano 4 hands | Own original arrangement | Piano: Theoni Papadimitrakopoulou & Dimitris Anousis | Video link

22 FEB 2017 | Dimitris  - The Hero's Journey

My profile in "The Hero's Journey". You are the Storyteller of your Own Life. You can Create Your Own Legend, or Not! | Link
Carmina Burana 29/1/2017

29 JAN 2017 | Carl Orff - Carmina Burana

Carl Orff - Carmina Burana, full orchestral version | Sunday 29 January 2017, 20:00 | "Artemis" concert hall (Pythagora 8, Alimos) | Lydia Zervanos, soprano | Nikos Spanatis, contra tenor | Dimosthenis Chr. Stavrianos, baritone | Athens Filarmonia Orchestra | Dimitris Anousis & Yannis Michailides, piano | Athens Percussion Group | Jenny Arseni, director | Nikos Malliras, conductor.

28 JAN 2017 | Documentary film "Talent"

"Talent" by Alexandros Skouras. A documentary for the artist George Arkomanis, at the National Tv. Dimitris Anousis speaks for George Arkomanis. George is an accomplished composer and conductor with amazing studies and skills. At the same time his is also the professional magician Tristan, who gives magic shows across the country. | Video link

23 JAN 2017 | Radio Ygeia - Review of the album "A pianist goes to the Opera"

23 January 2017, 22:00, at Radio Ygeia, a full review of the new album CD "A pianist goes to the Opera", in the radio show of Pantelis Stamatelos, with special guest the pianist Dimitris Anousis. Listen the broadcast here
14/1/2017 Poster

14 JAN 2017 | Presentation of the new albums CDs "ALEPH" & "BETH"

Saturday 14/1/2017, 19:00, at AN ART ARTISTRY, Athens. Το ίδρυμα Phasma-Music Foundation invites you to the presentation of two CD's just released by the company Sarton cooperating with Warner Music. Iwona Glinka (flutist) and Vicky Stylianou (pianist) have already recommended many times through their record. This time they will present to the public the new CD's and ALEPH and BETH. The CD's includes 21 works by 14 composers for solo flute and flute and piano. The presentation will be joined by notable speakers, among them will be Dimitris Anousis. Link
Friday Nights with Yury Revich 13/1/2017

13 JAN 2017 | Megaron - Friday Nights with Yury Revich

Athens Music Megaron, Mitropoulos concert hall, 13 January 2017, 20:30. Yury Revich, violin | Ivana Čanović, soprano | Elli Papadiamanti, mezzo soprano | Manacho Shimokava, contemporary dance | Marina Miliou - Theoharaki, art performance | MY SOUNDS chamber orchestra | Olga Filippova - cembalo| Mia Papaefthimiou, artistic director | Dimitris Anousis, orchestration. Six young soloist from a wide range of arts and different cultures, joining forces with an amazing ensemble of eight musicians in an effort to debunk the established classical shapes and hierarchies, barriers and exclusions.
Carmina Burana 22/12/2016

22 DEC 2016 | Carl Orff - Carmina Burana

Carl Orff - Carmina Burana, version for 2 pianos, percussion, choirs & soloists | 22 December 2016, 20:00 | Metamorphosis Conference Centre (Litous & Kimis str.) | University's of Athens Music Studies Choir | H2Opera | children's choir "Manolis Kalomoiris" | Lydia Zervanos, soprano | Nikos Spanatis, contra tenor | Dimosthenis Chr. Stavrianos, baritone | Dimitris Anousis & Yannis Michailides, piano | Athens Percussion Group | Jenny Arseni, director | Nikos Malliras, conductor.

23 DEC 2016 | New video: Dimitris Anousis: F. Liszt - Abendglocken (Evening Bells)

Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886) "Abendglocken" (Evening Bells) from Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas Tree)
Dimitris Anousis (Greece), piano | part of a piano recital 24/12/2013 | Video link

9 DEC 2016 | New video: Allen Mak-Mak/Dimitris Anousis: "Fantastic" - Concert fantasie for piano

"Fantastic" Concert fantasie for solo piano, based on a composition of Allen Mak-Mak.
Arranged & developed for piano solo by Dimitris Anousis.
Piano: Panagiotis Trochopoulos | Production: AN ART ARTISTRY 2016 | Video link

7 DEC 2016 | New video: CCTCP2016: Philippe Mathis "TOCCATA" for piano

AN ART ARTISTRY - Composition competition "The contemporary piano 2016". Prize winning work for solo piano:
“Toccata” for solo piano, by Philippe Mathis (Switzerland)
Piano: Dimitris Anousis | Recorded at AN ART ARTISTRY 30 October 2016 on a Steinway & sons piano
Production: AN ART ARTISTRY 2016 | Video link

7 DEC 2016 | New video: CCTCP2016: XY. Mike Zhou "ORDINARY LANDSCAPES-SOLITUDE" for piano

AN ART ARTISTRY - Composition competition "The contemporary piano 2016". Prize winning work for solo piano:
“Ordinary Landscapes-Solitude” by XY. Mike Zhou (USA)
Piano: Dimitris Anousis | Recorded at AN ART ARTISTRY 30 October 2016 on a Steinway & sons piano
Production: AN ART ARTISTRY 2016 | Video link

7 DEC 2016 | New video: CCTP2016: Review & Results

AN ART ARTISTRY's Composition competition "The contemporary piano 2016" review and results by the performing pianists Theoni Papadimitracopoulou and Dimitris Anousis. Video linkMore about the competition ...
AAA seminars 2016 - 2017

20 OCT 2016 | AN ART ARTISTRY seminars 2016 - 2017 "The musician-artist-creator of the 21st century"

A series of 6 seminars that focus on the modern demands and needs of today's  "Musician, artist and creator", in which will be presented, analyzed and discussed the necessary cognitive tools that compose the modern profile of a professional artist. "Scenery & stress - ways to deal" (26/11/2016), "Musical analysis" (17/12/2016), "Memorization of musical text" (14/1/2017), "Art & talent, an historic & psychometric approach, with emphasis on music" (18/2/2017), "Artistic Management" (11/3/2017), "Musculoskeletal problems and disorders of musicians" (18/3/2017). Professors Theoni Papadimitrakopoulou & Dimitris Anousis. More info - participation ...
Anousis Piano master class 2016-2017

10 ΟΚΤ 2016 | Dimitris Anousis piano master class 2016 - 2017

Piano master class by the composer, soloist and piano teacher Dimitris Anousis. For 3rd continuous year, at AN ART ARTISTRY. Dates 21/11/2016, 23/12/2016, 31/1/2017, 15/2/2017, 14/3/2017, 5/4/2017, 10/5/2017, 7/6/2017. Hours: 17:00 - 21:00. More info - participation ...
Frieze of life

1 OCT 2016 | New album - "Frieze Of Life"

1 October 2016 - official release date of the album “Frieze Of Life". “Wandering between various musical genres that i love!” Says Dimitris Anousis, who in this album presenting some of his -other than classical- compositions, belongs in a variety of musical genres, such as soundtracks, motown, lounge jazz etc. | “Frieze Of Life" | Electronic, virtual orchestra, pop, soundtrack | © ® 2016 Dimitris Anousis - AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS AAAR 004. More...
Opera Neon

29 SEP 2016 | Golden Hall Mall - Opera Gala

September 29, 2016, 20:00, Golden Hall Mall(Athens), Opera gala by OPERA NEON for the opening of the exhibition "Viva Italia", held on the 1st floor of the Golden Hall Mall, in the presence of the Italian ambassador, Efisio Luigi Marras, and with invited prominent businessmen, members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and media. The event welcomed the ambassador and the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Tsamichas John, while the artistic part made by renowned soprano Maria Lyberakou and tenor Anastasios Stella, in the piano accompaniment of the composer Dimitris Anousis.

25 SEP 2016 | New album - CD "A pianist goes to the Opera"

25 September 2016 - official release date of the album - CD "A pianist goes to the Opera". Beautifull music from the operas Ballo in mashera, Nozze di Figaro, Vêpres siciliennes, Rigoletto, Norma, Traviata, Flying Dutchman, Carmen, Tannhäuser, immpressivly transcribed for piano by Hummel, Liszt, Raff, Thalberg & Smith, performed by the soloist Dimitris Anousis. "A pianist goes to the Opera" | Classical, piano solo, opera | © ® 2016 Dimitris Anousis - AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS AAAR 003 More...